PI: Dr. William Campbell, Education

Sponsor: The Columbus Foundation

The primary objective of this study is to determine if differences between following an inclusive or an exclusive diet exist in terms of weight loss during the diet phase and more notably, weight regain during the post diet phase. The research hypothesis suggests that the results of the dietary interventions will produce similar reductions of body fat percentage, weight and resting metabolism across groups. We hypothesize that the groups will have similar adherence during the diet phase, but marked differences will emerge in the post diet phase. The research hypothesis suggests that post diet the exclusive dieting group will regain body fat faster than the inclusive group based on the impact of psychological factors and a positive energy balance. Specifically, the more restrictive a diet is, the faster post diet fat regain will occur in contrast with a more flexible diet, which will attenuate rapid post diet fat regain. The null hypothesis suggests there are no differences between inclusive and exclusive dieting during the diet or the post diet phase on body composition, metabolism and weight regain.