PI: Dr. Sanghoon Park, Education

AR (Augmented Reality)-enhanced learning is an innovative form of instructional technology that enables students to experience a real-time view of a physical world augmented by digital learning content. Grounded in constructivist and situated learning theories, AR-enhanced learning allows students to play proactive roles in a wide range of learning activities within interactive educational scenarios. Such gained learning experiences can form the basis for reflection and group discussion in a classroom. Yet, it is unknown to what extent students are able to be fully immersed in AR-enhanced learning without organized instructional guidance. The purpose of this research project is to design, develop and evaluate the ARPA (Augmented Reality with Pedagogical Agent) mobile learning system in which a PA is combined with digital AR contents to facilitate students’ learning in an organized way. The ARPA system will consist of five AR-enhanced touchable learning cubes and mobile devices that deliver multimedia contents and 3D models to student. With guidance of a PA, students will explore AR learning content on an important STEM area, renewable energy technologies (i.e. wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal, and biomass). The ARPA mobile learning system will then be evaluated for usability and educational effectiveness by analyzing students’ cognition and emotion.