The Center for Research, Evaluation, Assessment and Measurement (CREAM) is the hub of research activity in the College of Education.  It houses all funded research projects in the College, provides a venue for faculty engagement in interdisciplinary research efforts, and supports faculty engagement in a broad range of research activities (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods).  In addition, CREAM utilizes the talents of faculty in the College of Education to provide a broad spectrum of research-related services (e.g., program evaluation, analytical inquiry, and technical consultation) at the local, regional, national, and international level.  

CREAM is home to more than 6 million dollars of Federal (e.g., IES, NSF), and State (e.g., FDOJ) funded research, more than 600,000 dollars of yearly contract work with Florida’s Department of Elder Affairs’ and approximately 200,000 dollars of evaluation contracts (e.g., HCC & PHWB). Each CREAM project is assigned a secured shared folder accessible only to project team members. This allows each research team to maintain confidentially as they engage in project activities. In addition, CREAM has a graduate student office space to house graduate research assistants who are funded by research activity. Recently, CREAM has purchased a secure server maintained and backed up USF’s Data Management department within Information Technology. This server is available to funded projects and offers data storage, data management, and web sites development and hosting. CREAM houses restricted-use data through four surveys (i.e., SASS, NELS88, ELS02, and HSLS09). These datasets provide information about schools, teachers, and students from a national perspective and are available for analyses, as approved by IES, in a secure room on a  non-networked computer.